Going .. Home?

Asyraf, Thoina, Reza, and Iylia came over last night to play Cluedo. The messed up thing was that Asyraf managed to win twice. I don’t know how, grrr! 😛 Lucky guesses. Meh. They were all high on life apparently, and a four rounds of Cluedo later, the dumb jokes and lame ass remarks still ensued!

Sean and I went for dinner at Sugimoto last night, and I think I’m getting fed up of Japanese food. Oh no, say it isn’t so! :O Speaking of, one of my new favourite Japanese restaurants is in Plaza Damas, opposite Starbucks (HSC). It’s a small place (and quite expensive!) but the food is worth it. I also really like Ninja Jones despite what everyone says. It’s cheap, the deco looks like you’re in a 5 star restaurant, and the food ain’t that bad. Meh. Then again, I’ve always been before they got all popular and famous, so maybe the standard has gone down. Who knows! We were going for dim sum this morning in Taman Megah, but we got lost halfway and only arrived there at 1PM 😀 We also got lost going to William’s the other night (cheese naan craving), and ended up in Subang instead. Meh. Apparently our sense of direction ain’t so good, aye?

I’m going back to Melbourne tomorrow night, and I’m quite looking forward to it – it’s just the plane ride I cannot stand. The first time I had Jun Wei (who just doesn’t sleep at all) to keep me company, and then coming back I knocked out for the entire flight (literally, I fell asleep before take-off and woke up when we were landing) so it wasn’t bad at all. But this time, I’m travelling alone! *cries* I’ve never travelled alone before, you know! I’m such a baby. However, I’ve discovered a cure. I’m going to go duty-free shopping in the airport as if my life depended on it. Then on the plane, I can think of everything pretty I bought and feel happy again.

Everyone’s telling me how freaking cold Melbourne is now, and I’m getting a little bit scared because I’m a bit of a pussy when it comes to cold weather. No, seriously. In summer, I asked Sean to switch on the heater one night because it was too cold. IN SUMMER. Jun Wei tells me Marcus’ room is the coldest room in the apartment too. Oh lord. I told my Mom that I’ll just sit at home in front of the heater all day and be happy, and she went “And what about classes?”. Oops. I forgot about that. Heh.

Big changes gonna be happening to my blog within the next few days. I’m moving. Watch out for that soon 😉


Aquaria KLCC

Sean and I being the bored people we are, decided to pay a visit to Aquaria KLCC today! 🙂 We made a stop at KL Sentral first because I had to pick up my plane ticket (I’m leaving this Thursday!) and grab a quick bite to eat. Overall it wasn’t too bad, but it’s not worth your RM25 (international student price, local students get RM20 admission). It was too short! We were really starting to have fun when it all just .. ended .. very abruptly. Meh. However, we were lucky enough to be there during the shark feeding time, and can I just say, sharks look SO FIERCE okay. Damn scary.

I’m too lazy to upload the photos here, and my blog is starting to look to colourful for my liking already because there are just too many photos .. so check out my portfolio for photos, okay? There are a couple of nice shots there. I was testing out my new camera, and I’m pleased to say that I’m 100% happy with it, except for the ISO, but then again it’s meant to be a point-and-shoot digital camera, not an SLR or anything — so I suppose it’s pretty good for a plain and simple cam.

Ended up walking around KLCC for four hours and paying RM9.00 for parking. Ouch. I found this men’s ring in Gucci which I really, really like (I even tried it on) and I’m actually considering getting it because it looked good on my finger. It’s between that and the Dior one, I suppose, but I’m going to wait until I go back to Melbourne first because they tend to have much nicer things there 🙂

I absolutely hate Gucci’s salespeople. They’re EXTREMELY rude. Hello woman, you’re working behind the counter, I’m shopping here, STFU kthnxbye. Actually, this goes for Malaysian salespeople in general. In Melbourne when I was in Gucci, the saleswoman was so nice to me, and she kept gushing on and on about how cute my phone was (and called her friends to come and see too) so I was happy, and happy customers spend more money. Even if I didn’t like anything (but I did, but that’s another story ..) I would buy something because of their service. It goes the same for Bettina Liano. The salespeople there were so nice and she called me “Gorgeous”, “Honey” and “Sweetpea” all in 15 minutes, heh! I CANNOT IMAGINE MALAYSIANS DOING THAT. Skanks.

Sean and Aaron just went to buy the newest Monopoly version, the one with the bank card swipey thing. Damn cool, and it’s only RM150! We’re not quite sure what to do with the old version we have (it’s exactly the same – Here And Now – except no swipey thing and bank cards) but oh well, sigh!


Spending so much money these past two days on absolutely nothing is damn painful! It’s like, one thing if you go shopping and buy a pretty bag or two, but it’s a bit painful when you spend it on nothing like what we’ve been doing 😦
Let’s see, Thursday night was Maison night which was alright lah, there’s been better Maison nights. We practically had to fight with so many people to keep our (very nice and comfy) table. I find it damn rude when you’re all just sitting there and then a group of other people suddenly come, put their bottles on your table and sit with you (obviously trying to steal your table lah). I mean yes, there are no bottles currently open, but how do you know we’re not opening anymore? And I mean come on, your parents never teach you manners is it? How about asking first?! The thing is right, if you just ask nicely, honestly it would make things a lot easier, everyone will be happy and fine. When you come in and stick your smelly butt next to mine, then we got issues. Beef.

So because of that, a lot of money, a couple of bottles, already close to RM1000 contributed to bloody Maison. Can I just say that I hate the taste of Dewars? RM300 for that icky tasting nonsense, bleaargghh! Some more it was so packed because everyone’s back and all exams are over too, it was impossible to go on the dance floor. Crazyness. As bad as Melbourne clubs already. I made Sean take me to Burger King before going, and I had an entire French Chicken in the car on the way, oink oink.

Speaking of, Daniel’s in this month’s Seventeen Magazine under the “Meet Guy” page thingy *giggle giggle* We were thinking of selling him off if we couldn’t pay our karaoke bill because he would fetch a higher price, what with being Seventeen’s featured guy and all that, nyaks 😛

Last night ten of us (pretty much the same people last night including Ashleigh too!) went to StarKTV at Bangsar Shopping Centre for karaoke 🙂 Normally whenever I go with Ching, Mrina, and Jun Wei, we only pay head charges (roughly about RM50) because we don’t open bottle, but when we opened bottle last night, the bill came up to a whopping RM1076.30! I don’t wanna think of how many bags I can buy with that money — but actually to be honest, I can’t even buy one with 1000 bucks o_O Ah well!

Mocha went to a new home today 😦 Sad lah, now we’re dog-less. At least he found a better home though, he’s gonna be treated like a prince there. Boo. We’ve never not had a dog around. So lonely.

Advertorial: Star Celeb!

Personally, I’ve always wanted to try being on a reality show, but I can’t sing, I’d probably collapse and die on The Amazing Race, and I don’t want to be on a tacky dating show! 😦 Let’s just say I’m not a very talented person, heh heh. However, one thing I think Malaysia needs is better hosts, brand ambassadors, and models. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m fed up of hosts who pretend their “England is veddy powderful” or are so boring that you can fall asleep even during the most exciting part of the show.

So when I saw the StarCeleb (by Centurise Media) advertisements on my blog, I automatically thought to myself “Oh no, another singing reality show which will produce a nobody who will become a singing somebody for all of five seconds“, and we all know we’re swamped with reality show singer wannabes already! BUT when I read more, apparently StarCeleb is actually searching for the best host, brand ambassador, and model — HOORAY, you don’t need to know how to sing! 😀
Contestants will undergo and audition process (there are 4 days for auditions, starting tomorrow!) and the top 60 contestants will be selected and featured on television. This new reality show is hosted by May Wan and Daniel Tan. Each of the winners will get RM25,000 and a one year hosting/modelling contract.

Want to audition?

  • Male/Female aged 18-30 years old.
  • Fluent in English or Mandarin.
  • Possess the charm, ability, style, and X-factor.
  • Date: 23rd – 24th June, 30th June – 1st July
  • Time: 10am – 5pm everyday
  • Venue: Parkroyal Hotel, Level 2 Catleya Rooms

I suggest you register online first to get priority in the queue! Make sure you bring along your I/C and one recent colour photo of yourself to the audition too!

PS: Photos from last night at Maison will be posted later on!


My family decided to put our silky terrier (Mocha) up for adoption recently since our other dog, Meeko, passed away a couple of weeks ago 😦 Mocha’s so lonely at home because everyone’s busy with their own lives, and we could actually keep him in the porch, but then the cats get upset. He’s already four years old, and he deserves a better home where he can be the center of attention again. I’ve got tons of replies to my Puppy.com.my advertisement, and I’m going bonkers trying to remember who said what and who is who, but I’m going to let everyone meet him first before deciding.

If you’re interested in adopting a purebred male silky terrier, let me know. He’s roughly 4 years old, microchipped, MKA certified (I don’t know if I can find the papers though …) and was originally a show dog until .. he got too fat, hee hee. Leave a comment with your e-mail address if you’re interested.

Three Little Pigs

I have tons of photos for you in this post 😀 Night before last, Asyraf, Reza, Thoina, and I went to check out Nigel’s new apartment at Contessa. I really like it because it’s very cosy, and the apartment community seems very quiet. His Mom did up the apartment really nicely too. Last night, Mrina, Thoina, Nigel and I went for dinner in celebration of Mrina’s emancipation (her A-Levels officially ended last night). We had steamboat at Coca because Nigel wanted it, and when he mentioned it, I suddenly developed a strong craving for steamboat too. I’m always happy with the steamboat at Coca because it’s worth every penny!
After that, we picked up Ching Yi and went to Coffee Bean, BV II to chill and chitchat. Gamms joined us there later, and then I started getting hungry for Devi’s lambchops so we went on over to Hartamas and joined the guys there. Sat there and talked for life, came back at 3AM and I don’t know why, I was just so tired that I crashed until 1PM. Meh.

My tamagotchi has grown, had a baby with Sean’s, and now today, my adorable, intelligent Lyla has left and I’m stuck with the baby (a boy I named Dodo) alone. He gets hungry every 5 minutes, is constantly unhappy, and just shits all the time. Grawr! 😦

Straightjacket Feeling

Yesterday was hell but today
But today I’m fine without you
Runaway this time without you
And all I ever thought you would be
That face is tearing holes in me

But today I’m fine without you
Runaway this time without you
And all the things you put me through
I’m holding on by letting go of you

— The All American Rejects: Straightjacket Feeling

The Climb

One day you stop climbing because you know what? The climb isn’t worth the effort anymore. It isn’t worth it anymore. Photo taken at Star Hill Gallery by me sometime last year.

Oh, so tired.

I woke up at 9.00AM today because Ze and I were supposed to help be Mar’s models slaves for her Photography class assignment. It was a fashion photography task, but she wanted to add an edge to it too 🙂 After all that (including scary eye make-up), we went for a very late lunch at Bestari before she dropped me off at Bangsar Village to meet my Mom. I’ve decided which camera I want to get! This is it, the Sony DSC-W55 in baby blue.I’ll probably go back to Low Yat tomorrow to get it since the man there offered me a better deal than the man at Bangsar Village (well, no duh). When I came back home, I crashed completely, and slept so soundly until my maid woke me up for dinner. I really feel like going back to sleep some more because I don’t know why, I’m just so exhausted.

Sean’s tamagotchi grew to the ninja one, while mine is still the cute big-eyed one, hee hee.


Last night was the first time since the beginning of the year (or the end of last year) that all of us (Mrina, Ching, me, Asyraf, Thoina, Gamms, Nigel) were back together again 🙂 The only people missing were Iylia and Jun Wei, who are both still in Melbourne. We were supposed to have dinner at Delicious, but it was so packed. We ended up in William’s instead because Ching wanted “local food”. Super big downgrade, okay 😛 Nevermind, we did look extremely overdressed for William’s though. Gamms was wearing shoes, but when he heard we were going to William’s, he changed to slippers in his car, LOL.
The food was as good as always though, and we were originally gonna go karaoke, but we ended up sitting in Devi’s talking for like, 4-5 hours! Moved on to Asyraf’s house then, and kept talking until about 6AM, when Mrina, Ching, and I crashed in my bed and slept until 2PM the next day, ahh 🙂

Marc Fong was telling me that yesterday and today were the two coldest days in Melbourne .. in a decade. Yesterday was -2 degrees, and today’s -1. That really makes me feel like not going back man, I like being able to wear whatever I want in Malaysia, and not worry about whether I’m gonna freeze my ass off or not! 😦 😦

We had our Father’s Day Dinner tonight instead of tomorrow, and we went to Delicious where we all ate like pigs, and now I feel like my tummy is gonna split open and my guts are gonna spill out. Yes, I’m aware that I’m a very disturbed, graphic person. Heh.

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